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What is the one thing that most renovators and property investors overlook?

No Plan? No bloody Profit!

The humble floor plan may just be a bunch of boring lines on a page to some, but to a street smart savvy investor they can form the basis of mega profits. A successful investor does not see lines, they use the plan to mentally ‘hover’ over the top of the building looking down so they can see space for extra bedrooms, scout out a second bathroom, perhaps even a whole new dwelling in the backyard.

In most cases, they are seeing massive value adding opportunities for tiny outlay.

EXAMPLE: An extra bedroom could increase the value of a property by as much as $70,000 to $80,000!

Exactly how much would you expect to have to outlay to create this extra bedroom? A $50,000 extension? Maybe a $20,000 conversion? What if we told you that often, it can be achieved for as little as $1,800?

Sounds crazy but it is true.

That is over a 4000% return on your expense! Is it any wonder the Reno Kings say ‘No Plan, No Profit’?

The Reno Kings have created No Plan, No Profit,
an Intimate Workshop designed to make you a designer,
even better…a profit creator!

We have done this so many times before. It is a fact that you can make more money looking at and tweaking a floor plan than you can spending months on the tools carrying out the renovation.

Let’s start at the beginning

The Reno Kings first started educating investors more than 15 years ago, with a focus on renovating. They taught you how to renovate to add massive value, and through their experience they can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, plans are the most critical component of any renovation. You can be the best painter, or the best cabinet-maker, or the best decorator, but none of that will make you money like the ability to create a mansion out of a mole hill.

Plans are used not only by successful property investors, but also everyone in your A-Team, whether it is your builder, your architect or your selling agent, so it is therefore critical you have the ability to read them, interpret them and translate your thoughts onto paper.

In fact it was Reno King Paul Eslick showing Reno King Geoff Doidge how it’s done 15 years ago that brought this successful duo together.

Geoff spent $10,000 on a reno and added $40,000 equity. That may not sound like a lot, but that was way back at the beginning.

The purchase cost $120,000 and the end  value was $160,000. In today’s terms that’s the equivalent of $166,000 added to a $500,000 house.

Serious money!

Remember though, that was just the beginning, but the same strategies can be applied today as you’ll come to see at No Plan No Profit. But it isn’t just about finding bedrooms and adding terrific value.

At No Plan No Profit you will be introduced to:

And as is the Reno Kings’ way, all of this will be demonstrated through actual case studies and ‘hands on’ activities.

The Reno Kings have educated thousands of property investors over a 15 year period and what is common throughout, whether they be renovators, splitter blocks, development sites or unit blocks, plans play a critical role and can be the basis of big money gains.

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Case Study: More, More, More!

Giscard and Valentina are avid students of the Reno Kings and achieved fantastic results applying a number of their strategies. Their existing character home contained 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and a front enclosed verandah. They transformed the house with a cosmetic renovation into a 3 bed, 2 bath plus study home. How did they do it? We can tell you it was done without extending – in fact, they demolished some of the house to make way for a development out the back! They’ve added an extra bedroom and an extra bathroom whilst reducing the size of the floor plan – great work!

What about the numbers?

How much would you expect to spend creating an extra bedroom and an extra bathroom? About $50,000? Correct! Except here that was the total renovation cost... including new kitchen, new paint, sunroom conversion, polished floors, new laundry, renovated bathroom as well as the new bedroom and new ensuite. Wow!

The end result is an increase in value of approximately $150,000 for the house on its original block, however, they aren’t done yet as they are currently developing the backyard for even greater gains!

What they have achieved isn’t the exception, it is typical of what can be achieved if you know plans and apply the Reno Kings’ methods to extract huge value.

So what exactly is an Intimate Workshop?

Intimate Workshops have been created by the Reno Kings and the name is reflective of the nature of the event... it is focused on one vital topic and getting to know that topic intimately, in this instance it is No Plan No Profit.

Your time is valuable so we have professionally packaged into a half day comprehensive workshop which also minimises the cost of your investment. Have you been to one of those “free” all day seminars where you are one of a sea of faces being relentlessly ‘sold’ to by the conga line of sales people flogging their services.

We have and we know that ‘free’ also comes with a price tag...your time, you only receive half the information you need and there is more sales than actual useful and life changing information,  so  this intimate workshop lives up to its name… it  is open only to a select group of people, in fact, only a maximum of 27 people can attend this workshop.

The advantages of attending an Intimate Workshop should be obvious:

We have deliberately set about to create a workshop that is affordable, yet gives you more of what you want, however, it isn’t about how much you can save on the workshop, its about the money you can save by attending the workshop, and the money you can make in property once you start applying our tried and tested strategies.

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Only 6 seats remaining

EXAMPLE: At a past workshop clients were discovering areas for bedrooms and even better…space for Paul’s amazing ‘pencil ensuite’.

Even Geoff was caught up in the "Bedroom Hunt”.
He had a vacant 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house.
He went and drew a floor-plan. He was stunned! There they were! Spaces for an ensuite off the main bedroom and space for an ensuite off the second bedroom.

Wait there's more...

By sheeting in an outdated archway and installing a door he created another bedroom.

We had a 3 bed 1 bath house that is now turned into a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house and the rent went from $420pw to $640pw. That’s a blinding 52% rental increase and the house rented immediately.

That workshop info was worth over $200,000 equity gain for a $30,000 spend (including all internal painting) and it was all done in just 4 weeks, mostly while Geoff was in China. 

How good is that!

We show you how to do this. When you have this knowledge and skill, this type of result will pay for your workshop investment many, many times over.

Plan your way to success

So here’s what you get at the No Plan No Profit Intimate Workshop:

All this for just $347, but remember, book early…there are only 27 spots available.

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Only 6 seats remaining

We believe it is always beneficial if both you and your business partner or spouse attend too, so as an added incentive couples can book to attend for just $597.
That's a saving of $97!

But wait, there's more!

Make a full day of it and combine your workshop attendance with The Reno Kings' Intimate Workshop 'Negotiating and Buying Well', and you'll receive a 20% discount off the second workshop.
That's a total saving of almost $70 for a single and almost $120 for a couple.

That's a total saving/added bonus of $70 for a single & almost $200 per couple.

prefer to CALL US phone 1300 550 656
Only 6 seats remaining

At the end of this workshop you’ll be able to recognise incredible ‘value add’ techniques by using and understanding plans better than most other property investors.

You will also come to realise the importance of planning your project from start to finish and how this can save you time and money when working with trades or carrying out a DIY renovation.

prefer to CALL US phone 1300 550 656
Only 6 seats remaining

No Risk Money Back Guarantee

If after attending No Plan No Profit  you feel you have not received the information you require to utilise plans and planning a project to better value add and save money, let us know on the day and we will happily refund 100% of your ticket price.

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Reno Kings  to provide their know-how…

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