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Reno Kings Reveal their 3 Key Ways to Make Money in Property

This is the last remaining opportunity in 2016 to invest in a day with the Reno Kings and learn how to turbo charge your property portfolio with their R.D.C. strategies...

  1. Reno Strategy. Quick and Easy Renovations to make serious money in 4-6 weeks.
  2. Development Strategy. To turn your average home block into a money making machine.
  3. Combo Strategy. 1+1=3 using renos and development to add extreme value... you can do this.  

You're invited to join Paul, Geoff and Justin on Sunday 16th October for their On The Buses Tour, where you'll:

Learn from 15 in depth case studies plus 10 more bonus examples. Many of these examples show you how you can use multiple strategies on one property to get unbelievable results.

We’ll get your off the bus to see first hand some of these money making properties and share tips on how, room by room, to seriously add value and what to do and what not to do, as well as share development tips and strategies.

Network with other like-minded property investors and create new property friends and partners.

Learn directly from a town planner the intricacies of development, what the rules are, what rules can be broken and how he can make some developments hum whilst walking away from others.

Have the opportunity to bring your plans and photos of your past and future projects to discuss during the day.

Be picked up, dropped off and be provided with lunch so we can squeeze as much information in on the day as possible.

Or phone 1300 550 656 for further information

Reno Kings ' On The Buses Tour'
Sunday 16th October 2016
Brisbane (pickup Airport and Albion)

The Reno Kings will show you 15 in depth case studies plus 10 more bonus examples to illustrate all of their most successful strategies,

along with some hard lessons learned.

Each case study has one or more important lessons you can learn from and that can be applied anywhere around Australia.


You’ve got to be kidding me! 
A 422m2 vacant block, approved for 2 x 4 bedroom houses plus subdivision...that’s each home, freehold on 211m2.
Have the council gone mad? How did we do it?
A sweet and neat little project, with 29% equity gain.


Not Again!
350m2 block and this time approval for 2 freehold townhouses! 


Build to Rent
Geoff Doidge has approved plans to build 10 units on this modest site with a specialised ‘Build to Rent’ design. Close to the main road and close to the airport.
Will they rent? Of course they will!
Geoff has approval to delay construction while he finishes a few other properties. Why? Geoff explains his thought process...it’s good to get inside his head.


Paying More Isn't Crazy
Our client paid $150,000 more for this site than other nearby similar sites. Are we crazy? Nope. Some valuable lessons here on how to look at a potential deal and its all to do with blanket rules and dollars per square metre.


Inspection Reveals Profit
This 809m2 townhouse site, where the house must be retained, showed fairly lousy numbers but what did the onsite inspection reveal?
Hint: The numbers now rock.


Lessons Learned

Even when you tick all the boxes, along comes the council to steal your profits. Find out the lessons and the importance of back up options.


It's All In The Mind

This property suited a young renovator couple but instead was purchased by an experienced investor. Why, you ask? All will be revealed on the bus. However, we can disclose the mind set required to purchase a fiercely sought after renovator in a fabulous suburb at the right price.


Make Your Own Land
Our numbers improved on this site, after deliberately paying $20k more than our numbers showed should be paid, on the 809m2 block. The house was kept and a new lot created. The critics say they’re not making land anymore, how come we are? We’ll be digging up the profit at this one.


The Bench Mark is set!

30% equity gain on a humdinger of a property. Most of the boxes were ticked. Good home that can renovate easily into the wow factor – tick. Development site - tick. Flat block with all services - tick. House does not need to be moved to be develop - tick. One of Brisbane’s most desirable suburbs - tick. Appropriate development options with a twist - tick. You need to view this property, it is the bench mark of the no brainer. Copy this again and again and retire.


No Pain In Spain

How to turn ‘one’ into ‘two’ by knowing your town planning rules and a bit of luck! Plus how one comment from the agent saved us thousands of dollars! The key to the whole project was the removal of the left hand side veranda and it had already been approved!


From Dog to Diamond!

One of Geoff Doidge’s dog of a property, that now is a diamond. He now has DA and BA for 9 units on 558m2. Full plans and the full process Geoff undertook to achieve this wonderful outcome. Think like Geoff become like Geoff.


Tenancy Heaven

Geoff at it again! He tunnelled his way to huge profits on a tight inaccessible site, very close to the action, that has tenants drooling over it to rent. For those with designing hang ups, this one’s for you.


It's all about the land!
What’s going on here? A lift and shift renovation combination, in a desirable suburb, which results in spare block of land and $130k equity gain...yet nobody wanted it!
You have got to be kidding me! We see all these show on T.V. with grand renovations and making miserable money and here you get the land. It’s all about the land! Justin bought this with his father in-law after not having a client for it...how can this happen!


Inner City Acreage
This recently built, solid tilt up slab construction, three level residence had ‘acreage’ in the backyard, around 300 square meters. So a new house was built and was sold last year yielding a gross profit of $502,157.


Pauls Backyard Beauty
Paul’s backyard beauty was purchased in East Brisbane on a busy street, for $337k. With 330 square meters available in the backyard, just 3km from the CBD, a large house was built on the rear block. independent valuation as at October 2015 is $1,300,000 for both properties. That’s a gross gain of $693,000 and still appreciating!


The Reno Kings have designed Australia’s most innovative educational opportunity for aspiring property investors. They are going to take you on the road with up to 39 other like-minded property investors and show you personally the most significant lessons they have learnt from researching, buying, renovating, developing and renting property.

After experiencing this eye-opening event and learning from the 15 in depth case studies plus 10 more bonus examples, you will be amongst the most informed investors going around. “Seeing is believing” and believing is the confidence you need to take action.

Or phone 1300 550 656 for further information

Reno Kings ' On The Buses Tour'
Sunday 16th October 2016
Brisbane (pickup Airport and Albion)

  • "Enjoyed the day - went really quick.  Well planned and staged.  Motivational.  Very Informative.  Thank you."  J.C., VIC
  • "A great way to combine theory with actual hands on feel for the deals that can be achieved.  Seeing them helps the understanding process".  B.G., NSW.
  • "The course was practical and not only about the numbers.  Fantastic to actually get out and see the properties.  Loved the personal testimonies and the openness about financial wins and loses."  M.M.,QLD
  • "I really enjoyed the day.  Well organised and great company.  I now feel more confident to make purchases.  It also has opened my eyes to the huge possibilities ahead for me."  D.M., QLD


Think how this experience could change your future investment outcomes.
Not only will you pick up key negotiation strategies and tactics, but you will be more likely to identify a better performing property.

This will mean you could save thousands when you buy your next property and you are more likely to select a property that will grow in value faster.
In addition, by using some of the niche strategies to increase rental performance and ensuring you get all the tax benefits you are entitled to, you could reduce your holding costs or even turn a negatively geared property in to positively geared.

Your investment in this workshop is only $697 for a single ticket and $1097 for a couple.
* Check with your accountant, this is likely to be tax deductible for property investors.

Or phone 1300 550 656 for further information

Money Back Guarantee!

The Reno Kings are so confident you will benefit from this workshop that they guarantee your satisfaction. If you do not feel you will make a significant return on your investment from the skills, knowledge and techniques you learn at this workshop, they will refund your ticket price in full.

Guarantee: The Reno Kings will refund your ticket price in full for this workshop if you believe that you did not get value for your money. All that is required is that you advise one of the Reno King Team on the day of the workshop and any free gifts. Your refund will be processed within 2 working days.

Here is your risk free opportunity to experience a Reno King Workshop and benefit from Geoff and Paul's years of experience with what works and what doesn't. Use this education to get ahead in property faster, easier and safer.


As you can imagine seating is very limited for this workshop. During this revealing event we navigate through some inner-city back-streets and are unable to use the largest coaches available. For this reason we are limited to only 40 people.

Be quick and secure your seat now.

Or phone 1300 550 656 for further information

  • "Practical, down to earth information delivered with passion & confidence.  Geoff & Paul have helped me to understand the possibilities in property investing - fantastic!" R.B., QLD.
  • "It was a last minute decision to do the bus trip, and now, having completed the tour, my head is buzzing with ideas.  Thank you Paul & Geoff & Justin."  A.F
  • "After today the penny dropped as to how to complete the reno on my Melbourne property for a fraction of the price".  J.M., NSW.